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Get the Funds you need through equipment refinancing.

Fast, flexible equipment refinancing to get your business the working capital it needs to thrive today.

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Your Equipment Can Do More

Do you find your existing equipment loan to be a burden? It's time to consider Equipment Refinancing. Replace your old loan with a new one that offers better terms, giving your business breathing room.

Unlock Hidden Working Capital Now

Use the funds for new equipment, raw materials, real estate, building improvements, operations, marketing or R&D.

Accelerate Your Turnaround Recovery Time

Equipment refinancing can offer your business a significant injection of cash to leverage during a turnaround scenario.

Lower Monthly Payments On Assets

Restructuring your amortization schedule with equipment refinancing can often improve your monthly payment terms.

Fuel Growth While Retaining Equity

Equipment refinancing allows you to grow without giving up equity shares of your business.

What is Equipment Refinancing?

Equipment Refinancing is a way to access the value of long-term assets such as machinery or vehicles that a business owns1. By refinancing these assets, the business can get funds to raise capital, consolidate debt, or replace existing debt2. The equipment serves as collateral for the loan.

Equipment Refinancing is a

  • Financing solution that uses your business existing assets as an advantage.
  • Financial tool that turns long-term assets into immediate cash.
  • Term loan with a fixed or variable interest rate and a repayment plan.


Use your assets to get the financing your business requires.

How Equipment Refinancing Works?

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Complete our quick and simple online application form.

Get Approved

Once approved, we'll settle your existing loan and replace it with your new one.

Reap the Benefit

Enjoy lower payments or a better rate and put the savings back into your business.

Beyond the Loan

With the loan successfully refinanced, you can either settle it or consider future refinancing options as needed.

What Equipment Can You Refinance With OBC?

Our service covers equipment refinancing for various industries and equipment kinds. We have a deep understanding of the market for used equipment, which allows us to act fast and meet your funding requirements. We also accept specialized and older equipment that others might reject. We specialize in the following areas:

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