Invoicing Factoring

Cashflow Made Simple.

Turn your invoices into immediate cash to fuel your business growth.

Access to your funds

Fast Cash From Your Invoices

Waiting on invoices can stall your plans. Our Invoice Factoring service transforms your accounts receivable into instant working capital.

What You Can Expect

Immediate Liquidity

Convert your invoices into cash without waiting for customer payment.

Simplified Cash Flow

Keep your business running smoothly by factoring invoices as and when you need funds.

Scalable Solutions

The more you invoice, the more working capital you can access to fuel your growth.

Enhanced Focus

Let us manage the invoice collection so you can concentrate on your core business.

Stay Informed

Track your invoice status and funds through our secure online portal, accessible 24/7.

How Invoicing Factoring Works?

Submit Your Invoice

Upload the invoices you'd like to factor into our system.

Receive Your Funds

We'll advance you up to 90% of the invoice value almost immediately.

We Handle Collection

We take care of collecting payment from your customer.

Customer Pays

Funds are collected in a dedicated account in your company name.

Final Settlement

We deduct our fee and forward you the remaining balance.

Invoice Factoring is a Good Fit.

We work with businesses across various sectors. Whether you’re just getting off the ground or eyeing expansion. We’re a perfect fit for businesses that:

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